A Happy Accident: Mystery Tomato

I grew this mystery tomato this year


I buy my tomato plants from my sister-in-law’s mother who raises them on her farm just south of Edmonton. I “ordered” two roma tomato plants this spring, and I got what I thought were two romas. In one of the pots I had one small and one large plant, so I thought I had a little bonus tomato. I placed the small one in a flowerbed and promptly forgot about it. The other two plants got top billing in my tomato box.

When the fruit began to grow, it was apparent that one of them wasn’t a roma. It turned out that the little guy I put in the flowerbed was a roma and the main plant in that pot was a mystery tomato. It appears to some sort of heritage tomato.

I sliced into the first ripe tomato from that plant today, and enjoyed the juicy delicious flesh and a flavorful surprise. Sometimes mistakes can be enlightening; next year I plan to add this tasty cultivar to my garden deliberately.

In the meantime, I still have lots of my good ol’ reliable romas to enjoy.


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