Making a Terrarium: Bringing the Outdoors In

In the fall it seems such a shame to lose all the lovely outdoor potted plants that can’t withstand a winter in zone 3.

Two Terraria

I am not an indoor gardener, but I like to save a few of my plants by bringing them indoors for the winter and attempting to keep them alive until I can place them outside again in the spring.

I’ve found that the best way of doing this is by making a low maintenance terrarium. Terrariums don’t need a great deal of attention, and that suits me fine.

I made two terraria this year. One vessel I found at Winners for four dollars and the other at a thrift store for two dollars.

To make a healthy terrarium, start with a layer of small rocks on the bottom, then add a layer of charcoal. The rocks act to hold moisture and the charcoal keeps that moisture from causing odors. You can buy the charcoal in the aquarium section of any pet store.

I dug up some moss from my yard for the next layer, then topped that with healthy sterile potting soil. The moss keeps the soil from mingling with the charcoal.

After rooting some of the ivy from one of my outdoor planters, I added it to the terrarium and it has been doing well with little or no personal attention for the past several weeks. Looks like it will need watering once or twice a month. That’s my kinda houseplant.


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