Dahlias and Asters and Eggplant, Oh My!

Petunia comes as a pelleted seed

Things are really heating up under the lamps this week. I planted a bunch more seeds, including a few annual flowers.

Shock Wave Petunia is a tricky plant to grow from seed. First, the seeds are so tiny that they have to be pelleted. That means that they have a coating to make them more visible and easier to handle. You have to sow the seeds and remember not to cover them – they need light to germinate. After they sprout, you need to move them somewhere cool – about 15C – in order to have them grow at a steady slow pace so they retain their dwarf growth habit. That’ll be tough for me, as I don’t really have any place that gets light and is that cool. Oh, and did I mention that the seeds cost $8.95 for a pkg of 20? I sure hope they turn out as magnificent as the photos at T & T Seeds.

Impatiens also need light to germinate. I’m sowing Giant Flowered Super Elfins Blend which should give me a nice display of uniform pink blooms on dwarf plants on the north side of my house.

Aster and dahlia remind me of each other; colorful multi-petalled flowers that bloom for several weeks in the late summer. Their seeds couldn’t be more different, however. Dahlia have large seeds that are planted a 1/4 inch (5mm) deep and aster have tiny seeds that are placed just below surface. I sowed several seeds in each pot, as I was using some old seed and I’m not sure how viable it is.

I have some leftover Viper’s Bugloss seeds (Echium Rubrum – which always reminds me of Redrum from The Shining) from Bedrock Seed Bank  that I sowed directly last year in early spring. The plants didn’t seem to have enough time to develop into the 1+ meter tall plants I was expecting, so this year I thought I’d sow them early indoors.

Finally, I planted two types of eggplant this week as well. The 55 day Hybrid Hansel and an Asian Ping Tung Long that looks yummy on the package photo. Neither like to be transplanted, so I started them in large 3″ pots where they will stay until they go into the garden in May.

I want to get my herbs started this week as well – parsley, thyme and basil. I guess I’d better get at it and stop all this unproductive writing (grin).

Pots and pots of seeds


One thought on “Dahlias and Asters and Eggplant, Oh My!

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    It can perform a great job oon the area that the mower can’t reach, such as around fruit trees,
    near fences, beside patios, and many other places. Each plant requires certain technniques from sowing the seeds to transplanting the seeedlings and, finally, to
    harvesting the crops.

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