Serrano Peppers – Bang for Your Buck

Serrano Peppers

I planted Serrano del Sol peppers from T & T Seeds this year and I was not disappointed. Hanging here are the peppers I had at the end of the season after using many for making sauces and things throughout the late summer. This is the output from six plants. I’m drying them after which I’ll grind them and add them to oil or just keep them as red pepper flakes.

The green ones may or may not turn slowly red as they hang in the window (some will, some won’t). I wish I’d had more time to let them sit on the plant, but zone 3A doesn’t always let me  have what I want.


4 thoughts on “Serrano Peppers – Bang for Your Buck

  1. Beautiful Serranos, How’s the taste of those del sols? I ended up growing an heirloom serrano plant this summer. They are way hotter than any I’ve purchased in grocery stores. I’m in zone 6 so i still have some time, I’ve picked over 65 pods from this plant and there are another 60+ on the plant about 2 weeks from totally ripening.

  2. Adding toasted garlic to the oil will give it extra flavor. Simply heat some olive oil and add chopped garlic, once the garlic turns golden and crisp take it out of the heat and add to your chile oil.

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