Planting my Lilies

Last fall my sister-in-law in Manitoba gave me a couple dozen lily bulbs that she had dug up from her garden and didn’t need any more. Ideally it would have been good to plant them last fall, but I wanted to place them in the new bed I created in my front yard through the Sheet Mulching Workshop.

I decided to store the bulbs in a cardboard box, carefully layered with plenty of sawdust between bulbs. I then stored the box in my basement in the coolest spot I could find.

This week I pulled the box out and found that most of the bulbs appear to have survived their winter in the dark, at least as far as I could tell. I shook the sawdust off and took them out front to their potential new home.

Much of the sheet mulched material in the top two or three inches hasn’t degraded much – probably because it would have been the first to freeze. I dug down six to eight inches, added a layer of potting soil, then a bulb, and covered it with another layer of soil. Finally, I moved the still-decomposing material over top of the bulbs and hid them from view.

Now it’s a matter of waiting and watching. I don’t expect flowering lilies this year, but even a bit of green would make me happy. The anticipation of waiting to discover what color they might be is half the fun… isn”t it?




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