Silver Spoon Plant Markers: Buy Them at Salisbury Greenhouse

imageYup, I finally got up the nerve to contact Salisbury Greenhouse and ask if they’d be interested in selling my silver plated spoons. They were kind enough to place an order for 22 spoons, all herb markers.

I was so excited about making them that I forgot how hard it is to pound out two dozen spoons (not to mention the several spoons I made only to have a letter skip and destroy the finished product).

Anyways, it’s not going to make me rich, or even remotely famous. But it was a good learning experience.

Now go buy them!

DIY Solar Garden Lights

Solar Lamp

Solar Lamp

Solar Lamp at Night

Solar Lamp at Night

I can’t take credit for this idea – it’s been on Pinterest and I’m sure it’s on other websites as well. Still, every time I do a garden décor project I add my own twist, which depends on local availability of the core ingredients.

This time I’m making hanging solar garden lamps. What makes them special is that they are made from old 1930s – 1950s ceiling light covers. These were very popular in their day, but are now found at flea markets and thrift stores for a song. Mine were purchased for $1 each.

I tried to choose covers that had a rim at the top, a reasonably flat bottom and lots of bevelling on the walls. I found five that I felt suited the project.

Using inexpensive wire, I wrapped around the top rim and formed a “basket handle” from which the lamp could be hung. I inserted an inexpensive solar light (on sale Canadian Tire for $1 each) which I fixed in place with double sided sticky tape.

Instant glamour for the evening garden.