Haskap Berries

One of my new favorite plants is my haskap bush. Actually, I have three different plants of two varieties. They produce a small elongated blue berry that tastes not unlike a blueberry. Also known as honeyberries, these tiny potent fruit have one of the highest levels of antioxidants among berries, even higher than currents.

The bushes will grow to be 4-5 ft tall and the same in diameter and they are very hardy and suitable for the Canadian climate.  Two varieties that flower at the same time are needed for cross pollination, so I grow the Tundra and Polar Jewel.

Product Review: LawnLift Grass Paint

LawnLift Grass Paint

A few years ago I was lamenting the fact that I couldn’t find a grass paint product in Canada. As the owner of a dog I’d really love to find something to mask those ugly brown spots that result from a winter of urinating repeatedly on the same area of the lawn.
In response to the lack of products available, I tried to make my own homemade lawn paint and I must admit I was less than successful.
Well, this year I was approached by the Canadian distributor of LawnLift and advised that indeed there is now a grass paint available in Canada! It’s available currently on amazon.ca, but their Canadian website is in the works and I’ll post an update as soon as its available.
The LawnLift starter kit comes with a 237 ml (8 oz) bottle of concentrate, a measuring cup and a sprayer. The concentrate is diluted 10-1 with water, mixed in the sprayer and applied directly to the lawn. Pretty simple stuff, in fact it was easier to apply and not as messy to use as I thought it would be.  Average drying time is 30 minutes, but it’s best not to let pets out for an hour (unless you like green paws).
LawnLift is not a lawn repair, it’s a non-toxic lawn paint. It doesn’t encourage grass growth nor does it hinder it, it’s just meant to cover unsightly dead spots or brighten the appearance of a lawn that isn’t thriving. It’s claim to fame is that LawnLift is 100% safe for the environment and 100% biodegradable. The result can last for several months depending on the weather and growth conditions – when sprayed on actively growing grass it will be gone after the grass has been mowed a few times.
I took some before pictures and sprayed a number of spots in my backyard using the kit I received in the mail. I took some after photos for comparison.
After: Not fooling anybody but better looking than dead grass
After: In the shady spots the outcome is pretty natural looking
After: Not dramatic but a subtle improvement here that looks better in person
After: Definite improvement
Overall, my impression was good. I think that the dead patches certainly don’t draw the eye directly to them like they did when they were a stark brown color.
It did seem as though I went through a lot of paint to cover up the few spots where I applied it. I’m going to use the last 1/3 of the bottle on an area in my front yard.
I’ll also be doing a follow up in a few weeks time to show how the LawnLift paint is doing.
For more information about LawnLift in Canada, contact nlundy@lawnlift.ca