Eggplant in Edmonton

Here’s what I can tell you about growing eggplant in Edmonton: It’s not easy.

You need heat and lots of it. And water. But not too much water.
I grow my eggplants adjacent to the south-facing wall of my house in a well drained flowerbed. They get all the heat they can handle, but they also are prone to drying out. This means I have to water regularly, but not so much that they become saturated. In other words, they need pampering.
I’ve been successful in two of the three years I’ve attempted eggplant from seed, and the one year I failed was because the seedlings dried out while I was away on a short trip.
I’ve tried growing them elsewhere in the yard but they don’t get enough heat to mature in the short season we have here in zone 3.
This is one of my Eggplant Hansel which I grew from seeds I bought from T and T in Winnipeg.

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