Plums, Cherries and Haskap Berries

What could be better than watching your fruit trees produce abundant flowers in the spring? How about watching the fruit develop, or the actual eating of the fruit? Yum!
I planted fruit trees and bushes in my yard for the joy they bring and food they produce. Beautiful flowers, lovely scents and delicious fruit. I’ve got a Princess Kay plum tree, Carmine Jewel cherries, haskap berries, gogi berries, and raspberries. They each produce at different times in the season, and some I eat straight away while others become jams and jellies.

Princess Kay Plum in Blossom

Princess Kay Plum in Blossom

Carmine Jewel Cherry

Carmine Jewel Cherry

Haskap Bush in Flower

Haskap Bush in Flower




7 thoughts on “Plums, Cherries and Haskap Berries

  1. Jennifer Gyuricska says:

    Our haskaps are much smaller but also budding beautifully. Better than our blueberries! Any tips for haskaps?

  2. Well, you need two varieties for pollination. If you have that sorted you should be good to go. My plants have doubled in size every year, so I get more berries each season and they are filling out nicely. Mmmm I love the fruit on cereal in the morning.

    • I don’t find them to be as sour as the Evans Cherry, especially if you leave them to ripen completely, or even slightly over ripened. They become a bit sweeter with time. They make delicious jelly and juice.

  3. Ashley says:

    I’m in Edmonton, and wondering where to get my hands on a couple of varieties of Haskap. Any recommendations?

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