Thanks Lucy…I Think

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post entitled, “Death From Above” about the scourge of the local sparrows.

Lucy and her Lunch

Lucy and her Lunch

The birds love my backyard and they hang out there in the dozens. They also love my spinach, my lettuce and especially my pea sprouts.

I really don’t wish to debate the issue of domesticated animals hunting and harming birds in the city. I don’t feel terribly strongly one way or the other on the subject. I can tell you that, short of keeping Lucy indoors at all times, there isn’t much I can do to prevent her from displaying her predator instinct.

Lucy knows how I feel about the sparrows feasting on my garden, so she makes it her personal mission to sow fear in the hearts of the feathered enemy. This week she successfully ended the (very short) life of a fledgling. Then Lucy buried it among my tomato plants. Yuck.

Thanks Lucy…I think.

Haskap Berries AKA Honeyberries

If you haven’t already planted Haskap berries in your garden I can’t imagine why not. The first of all my bushes to provide me with fruit, the Haskap are by far my favorite. They taste like a blueberry, but with a bit of a tangy raspberry taste as well. Best of both worlds.

Hardy in Edmonton, luscious early fruit. Mmmm.


The Kindness of Strangers. Strawberries!

I’m a member of a group of like-minded people that give away things they no longer have a use for rather than throw them out. Last week I offered up some tomato cages that I had and they were picked up by Poohka (not her real name). Poohka was kind enough to bring a half dozen strawberry plants for me to enjoy, some of which already have tiny fruit growing. Yippee! Thank you, Poohka.