Harvesting Trees Old Style

 The Pacific Northwest is littered with the remnants of massive trees that were cut down decades ago, many harvested over a century back. It’s not unusual to see two eyes looking back at you from these ancient stumps.
No, they’re not haunted or possessed. Those two cavities represent the footholds cut into the base of the tree in order for the lumberjack to access the point at which he wants to make his cut. Often there will be holes cut on either side of the tree, particularly if it’s a large specimen. A pair of ‘jacks would work in tandem on a larger tree using a two-man saw to bring it down. 

Lumberjacking is still a viable career choice in places like Washington State where logging has been part of the history for over 150 years. In 1879 the state produced 160 million board feet of lumber.