Thanks Lucy…I Think

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post entitled, “Death From Above” about the scourge of the local sparrows.

Lucy and her Lunch

Lucy and her Lunch

The birds love my backyard and they hang out there in the dozens. They also love my spinach, my lettuce and especially my pea sprouts.

I really don’t wish to debate the issue of domesticated animals hunting and harming birds in the city. I don’t feel terribly strongly one way or the other on the subject. I can tell you that, short of keeping Lucy indoors at all times, there isn’t much I can do to prevent her from displaying her predator instinct.

Lucy knows how I feel about the sparrows feasting on my garden, so she makes it her personal mission to sow fear in the hearts of the feathered enemy. This week she successfully ended the (very short) life of a fledgling. Then Lucy buried it among my tomato plants. Yuck.

Thanks Lucy…I think.

For the Birds: Strands of Yarn for Nesting

I knit. A lot.

Anyone who knits will tell you there are many feet of leftovers – bits of yarn cut off from one end or another of a project and thrown in the trash.

I have a hard time throwing things in the trash.

I used to think that all of those little scraps of yarn really served no purpose, until I thought of the birds outside who might like a piece or two for their nest. That’s when I found a package of six grapevine balls that I could stuff full of yarn scraps. The six balls cost me $1. Now whenever I fill one up I give it to a friend to put in their backyard.

The birds can thank me by not eating my pea shoots this spring.