Edmonton Horticultural Society Gets a Nice view of my Above Ground Pool

Well, there is rain and then there is torrential downpour. Guess which one I had today, the day that the EHS judges tour the city’s gardens and choose the best of the best? Maybe this photo will help.

Had they come one hour earlier or even a few hours later they would have been able to appreciate the hard work I’ve put into my vegetable garden this year. Sigh.
Here are some photos from yesterday.

Winning Garden 2012!

The Edmonton Horticultural Society holds an annual contest to determine the city’s finest gardens in twelve different categories. Anyone who has the entry fee can participate, and this year I threw my tilley hat in the ring in the “vegetable garden” category.

To my¬†surprise¬†and delight, I won first place. My Mom’s first response was to ask, “How many entries were there?” So like my Mom.

In any case, here are a few pictures.