The Roses of White Rock

So…I’ve not posted anything for a long time and it’s time to fess up. I’m not in Edmonton anymore, I’ve moved to White Rock, BC. 

It’s been a busy spring for gardeninggrrl, having sold my house packed up and moved all over the past three months. I stayed in four different homes while waiting to take occupancy of my condo on the west coast. I’m finally (more or less) settled and ready to post to the blog again. My apologies for the absence.

Now that I’m in zone 8 my posts will undoubtedly take a different course. I’ve never lived anywhere but zone 2/3 so this is an entirely new experience for me. 

I thought I’d start by sharing photos of some of the lovely roses I’ve seen while walking the streets of White Rock. Because roses grow much more readily here than they do on the prairies there are many more varieties on display. I don’t know much about roses, having only been exposed to the most hardy of specimens (thinking of John Cabot or the Morden series for example).

So for my first post of 2015, my first post from BC, here are some photos I took this morning.


A Visit to the Devonian Gardens: July 28, 2010

The Devonian Gardens, part of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Studies at the University of Alberta, has 190 acres of property devoted to preservation, research and good old-fashioned enjoyment of everything botanical. Cousin Rob and I visited yesterday to peruse the collections of lilies, roses, herbs and native plants that grow along the meandering pathways.

We visited the majestic Kurimoto Japanese Garden, enjoying the quiet solitude that comes with having arrived early in the day before the crowds.

The butterfly house provided ample opportunities for photography, but the captured species were not to be outdone by their cousins in the wild who were equally cooperative.

For more information about the Devonian Gardens visit:

Here’s some video from the butterfly house: