Cheapest. Greenhouse. Ever.

Cheapest greenhouse on the block

Ok, I’ve definitely saved a few bucks over the years by salvaging and re-purposing, but this time I think I reached a new record for the cheapest creation in my backyard. It’s my new “greenhouse” made from a metal shelving unit I found in my neighbor’s trash and two dollar-store vinyl tablecloths I bought for $2 apiece. Total cost = $4 for this amazingly ugly greenhouse which I will hopefully only need to use for two weeks while I harden off my seedlings.

BTW: those are my Dahlias enjoying the warm Edmonton afternoon outside. I planted them on March 25th and they are a good 6 inches tall already.


7 thoughts on “Cheapest. Greenhouse. Ever.

  1. kim says:

    What were your average temperatures? It is still only 32- 60 here in Ontario. Wondering if plants stay warm enough outdoors in this?

  2. Angelika says:

    I did the same thing! But I actually bought the shelf, so mine was a bit more expensive but still alot cheaper than a store bought greenhouse! Great job!

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