Life is a Bowl of Cherries

Carmine Jewel Cherries, That Is

Carmine Jewel Cherries picked today

I picked these lovely cherries today from my Carmine Jewel Cherry Tree. I wrote about my tree last year here. The Carmine Jewel (Prunus cerasus ‘SK Carmine Jewel’) was developed at the University of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada. A cross between Mongolian Cherry and the Tart Cherry, it’s hardy to zone 2a and does very well here in Edmonton. It’s fruit this year are sparse, but earlier than usual and juicy sweet. Mmm.


What’s Blooming in July: a Look at my Zone 3 Garden


A lovely bunch of bees have made my back garden a part of their evening tour. I’m flattered. They buzz from Dahlias to Cosmos, but particularly enjoy the Allium. Perhaps it’s the smell, or maybe the bright pink flowers that attracts them to this relative of garlic and chives. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as they enjoy my garden and make themselves at home. Buzz buzz.